Submit your idea for a challenge

With this form you can send us your idea, problem or proposal. We will contact you within a week to start shaping it into a well defined challenge for our Humanitarian Hackathon teams. But for now, just write down two parts: the goal you want to reach and a description of your idea or problem.
Most important part of a challenge definition is the final goal. What are you or is your organization trying to achieve? Sometimes you think you have found that goal, but when you ask: “Why do we want this?” you might find a deeper or more fundamental one. Even if you already have a recommended solution or direction to go, it’s important for the team to understand the background that led to that solution.
In this section you can give us a description of your problem, or write down that marvellous idea you were mulling on for so long. Add some information about the (social) environment your idea is situated in and don't forget to mention partners or others you work with, if you have them. No need to go into details though, we can cover that later.