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Humanitarian and human rights defenders are often confronted with an overwhelming quantity of documents. While the texts are human readable, the extraction of the unstructured information is very time consuming. Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning methods allow the automated analysis of text for relevant information and can guide the human decision makers to better and more efficient analyses.

Project Team

Christiane Weber

Christiane is currently a master student of biophysics at Humboldt-Universitaet in Berlin and just starting to get to know the world of programming (mostly R and Python) and mathematical modelling. She holds a bachelor degree in biology and is a certified nurse. After working in many different fields she now focuses on modelling and simulation of metabolic pathways.

Cristian Bodnar

I’ve been interested in Mathematics and Computer Science since I was a kid. In high school I a finalist both at the National Olympiad of Informatics and the National Olympiad of Mathematics in Romania. Now I am a second year student at The University Of Manchester and president of HackSoc Manchester. This summer I’ve worked as a Software Engineer at Amazon, being involved in Machine Learning and Big Data projects, my main areas of interest. During the academic year, I participate in a hackathon every other week. I’ve won a couple of them but more than anything, I have lots of fun.

Fabricio Pontes Harsich

Fabricio is a Software Engineer in Google Zurich, graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Experienced in software development, teaching and leading projects. Participated in several hackathons, some of them organized by NYU, CERN and United Nations. He achieved honors in Math Olympics and gold medal in Electronic Olympics.

Jiaqi Liu

Jiaqi is a Data Scientist working at Capital One Labs in New York City. Her work revolves around applying machine learning algorithms to consumer experiences. She works with large scale data platforms and enjoys overcoming challenges in consolidating the science and the engineering part of data science work. Outside of work, Jiaqi is active in the meetup community in NYC. She holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from Columbia University.

Kerem Gunes

Kerem is a senior student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Bilkent University in Turkey. He’s an experienced hardware and software developer, a cybersecurity enthusiast and an avid traveler. As an undergraduate researcher in artificial intelligence, he’s currently developing a 3D visual simulation framework for testing game theory and reinforcement learning based models of human pilot flight behaviour. His work paves the way for realistic simulation-based assessments of the consequences of the inclusion of autonomous UAVs alongside conventional piloted aircraft.

Kevin Koh

Kevin I. Koh is a specialist in international human rights and sustainable development which he is actively seeking to apply in technology-based social innovation. Currently working at a major international human rights organisation, his areas of expertise include: children’s rights; women’s rights; the inter-dynamics between international economic law and policy with human rights; and, migration and human rights. Kevin was also previously working on innovative approaches for reconciling world trade policy and human rights as Senior Lecturer and Researcher.

Nneka Edozien

Nneka is a computer science Graduate from Middlesex University London,United Kingdom and she is currently studying her masters degree in computer science at the University of Geneva. She also works part time as an information management intern at the inter-Parliamentary Union. Her major interest surrounds web technologies and development. She also develops mobile applications(Java and android) for android devices. Nneka was newly introduced to the fundamentals of machine language at her current university.

Sajidh Zahir

Graduated recently from University of Sri jayewardenaura . I am currently employed as a Software Engineer for past 6 months at IFS Sri Lanka , and I have been working as a freelance Mobile Application Developer for past few years.

Sandra Bialystok

Sandra works in digital communications at the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining. She is passionate about using new technologies and communication channels to generate awareness of and provoke discussion about pressing humanitarian matters. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto and a Masters in Women’s Studies from Oxford University.

Siddharth Shankar Swain

I am currently doing my M.E CSE from BITS Pilani, India. I like to solve real world problems by the use of technology. An amateur mathematician and algorithm designer who tries to make difference by solving some real world challenges. My research interest lies in programming languages, theoretical computer science(algorithms and complexity), internet of things, quantum computing, cryptography and programmable matter. I closely follow nature and its working and try to model it mathematically to solve real world problems.

Tim Head

Tim works at CERN, doing science with data. Also: python, statistics and triathlons. Tim works on the LHCb experiment. Here he works on the design of the future detector, pattern recognition software as well as the software trigger (deciding in real time what data gets recorded). He has experience as a software engineer, leading teams of experts in different fields, statistics and all the things you associate with a “scientific approach” to solving complex problems. He is a big fan of building a minimally viable solution to problem and then iterating on it.


Guess What

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