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Tracking motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in real time may help not only reduce the progression of the symptom by better targeting drugs but also reveal the evolution of the disease. It is expected to develop a real-time tracking device which is inexpensive, compact sized with a long battery life and easily accessible by any patients. A new hardware device developed together with friendly user interface and big data analysis algorithms will open the door for new clinical researches such as precise efficiency evaluations of current drugs, studying the evolutions of the disease and producing new pharmaceutical products.

Project Team

Aayush Chadha

Aayush is a third year student of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Manchester. Originally hailing from India, Aayush’s fascination for computers began with the use of chess engines. Since then, the fascination has expanded to natural language processing and data wrangling. His time at university is divided between working at a startup as a developer, assisting with research into Parkinson’s Disease at the University of Manchester and travelling to hackathons on the weekend.

Ane Dalsnes Storsaeter

Ane is a senior engineer/project manager at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA). She graduated in 2008 with a master’s degree in Mechanical engineering and ICT. She worked for two years in product development on mechanical parts for 4D reservoir monitoring solutions for offshore oil and gas production. In 2010 she joined the NPRA working with car simulators, then moved on to lead research projects. The last three years have been focused on utilizing the vehicle as a sensor, accessing the vast amount of data produced by cars to give information about traffic and infrastructure.

Brenda Penante

Brenda is a theoretical physicist currently working at CERN. Her research is on mathematical aspects of scattering processes of subatomic particles, such as those taking place at the LHC. She grew up in Brazil, but her career in physics has taken her to five other countries. Brenda enjoys interacting with different cultures, travelling, teaching, and is passionate about improving the life of others especially through science and technology. Outside of work, she enjoys yoga and practises meditation.

Daniel Dobos

Daniel is a particle physicist with a 15 year career at CERN working on silicon and diamond detectors as well as project management, large-scale data acquisition and analysis for the ATLAS experiment and the Large Hadron Collider. Daniel co-funded THE Port humanitarian hackathons at CERN, was program coordinator for the Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day (G3iD) and worked as Foresight & Futures Head for the United Nations hosted Global Humanitarian Lab (GHL).

Evangelia Tsakali

Evangelia is a senior student at Environment Department of Aegean University. She is experienced in waste management, especially creating and improving recycling systems. Also has work with refugees in order to educate about recycling and responsible environmental behavior. Finds herself more efficient when working as a part of team. Her biggest dream is to bring together refugees and local community in order to develop Lesvos Island.

Giuseppe Reale

Giuseppe is a Neurology resident at University Hospital “Agostino Gemelli” in Rome. Since he was a student, he loves brain and its complex interconnection with human behavior, from movement to art. His research is focused on stroke and brain connectivity. He likes challenges requiring a “think outside the box” approach and he believes that only multi-disciplinary teams can face the nowadays multi-complex problems. He plays keyboards in a rock band and is passionate of trekking, philosophy and movies. He has a beautiful son, named Nicola.

Kitti Lai

Kitti is a Web Developer and IT support specialist, recently graduated in Informatics. Her responsibilities are designs and web development projects, which support the official Physics Education Programmes at CERN. She has a strong background in administration, communications and customer service from Norway and has always been passionate about information management and business process improvement for information systems. She also enjoys being a communicator, working in collaboration with others and to solve challenges that can contribute to a better future.

Marco Daldoss

Marco is an electronic engineer working in CERN. He is passioned in projects regarding Internet-of-Things, low-power electronics, solar powered devices and sensor system. He also like to help people.

Mateusz Sadowski

Mateusz is a mechatronics engineer working in the Geneva Area on integrating state of the art sensing technologies on various robotic platforms (drones, mobile and industrial robots). He is passionate about software development and a firm believer in Open Source. During his studies, he launched a rocket (almost) into space. When he’s not programming he enjoys ski touring, hiking, snowboarding or mini quadrocopter flying. You can see what Mateusz is currently up to by following his personal blog.

Mohammad Abdul Jabbar

Mohammad was born at Dhaka, Bangladesh. He did his Bachelor in Electronics and Telecom. Engineering from Independent University,Bangladesh-IUB. He studied Masters in Wireless Networks and Electronics at Linkˆping University, Sweden. He participated at NASA Hackathon and was awarded ‘Galactic Problem-Solver’ certificate. He has six research publications including in IEEE Xplore. He is recipient of Erasmus Placement Scholarship at United Nations Development Program, Germany. However, he is passionate about Embedded System and Communication Engineering.

Pierre Freyermuth

Authentic Proton-breeder, Electronic technician and Java developer.

Shamyl Bin Mansoor

Shamyl is an Assistant Professor at National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan. At NUST he led a research group SMART Lab, which developed Pakistan’s first Surgical Simulator won several awards for it’s projects. His interest in teaching computer science led him to co-found LearnOBots, which is promoting creative hands-on STEAM education in Pakistani schools. At LearnOBots his role includes curriculum design, product development and managing Engineering and Training teams. Hardware tinkerer at heart he loves solving big problems by designing technology based solutions.

Stefania Imperia

After a M.Sc. in International Development and Security, Stefania has worked in different project management and communication roles. Building on a long-term volunteering experience as an asylum advocate, she has learned about cash-based interventions with UNHCR and has worked with Oxfam distributing cash assistance to refugees in Greece. She recently moved to Belgium to help DG ECHO coordinating the development of a platform facilitating the management of volunteers deployed to humanitarian projects, as well as supporting knowledge sharing, partnerships and collaboration.

Tobia Wyss

Tobia is 25 and has grown up in a large family in Ticino, the italian part of Switzerland. He has finished a bachelor in micro engineering and is now finishing a master in energy and sustainability at EPFL. He has gathered several intercultural experiences through exchange years in Argentina and Norway, traveling in Latin America and China, volunteering in Lebanon and Greece… He loves to make music – especially bodypercussion – dance, being out in nature doing all kind of activities and sports, and a good glass of wine for dinner.

Spes Spirae

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