Satellite Imaging for Health

Harnessing the potential of satellite imaging and machine learning to improve vaccine routes and access to essential health services.


Project Team

Alena Loesle

I am a high energy physicist at the Univeristy of Freiburg. I started to work at the ATLAS experiment at CERN for my bachelor thesis and continued with data analysis in the field of Higgs boson searches and tests of the Standard Model. I recently finished my PhD and am now working as a PostDoc at the University of Freiburg to investigate the application of machine learning techniques in the analysis of large data sets. I like sports, travelling and reading.

Alim Thawer

Alim is a product development engineering physicist with a background in Physics (Masters). He has 6 years’ experience in developing several multidisciplinary hardware systems (optical, fluidic, mechanical, electrostatic) for a range of medical, consumer and industrial applications through my current role as a product development engineering consultant. Alim is motivated to reduce health inequality through technology and appropriate innovation practices. Alim is passionate about music, ranging from DJing to performing afrobrazillian percussion in several samba bands.

Amal Al-Khulaifi

Amal Al-Khulaifi is an Electrical Engineer with a passion for innovation & technology. She’s skilled in programming and a hardware enthusiast.

Anastasia Langer

My educational background is geology/ geochemistry and during my academical career I studied the processes in the Earth’s mantle. Afterwards I worked in the reinsurance industry on projects related to the geothermal energy and oil & gas where I was evaluating the geological risks and used various stochastic methods to forecast an output of geothermal and oil & gas wells. My recent role is with a software company which provides a machine learning tool to forecast energy demand and generation.

Branko Popovic

Branko is an RF/mmWave engineer who completed his PhD at the University of California, Davis. His dissertation work involved designing, simulating and testing mmWave vacuum electron devices. He worked as a CERN fellow in the RF group constructing a longitudinal beam impedance model of the Proton Synchrotron (PS) machine.

Chaitanya Tejaswi

An electronics engineer by education, Chaitanya’s interests include embedded systems, image processing, and Python-based development.

Kitty Liao

Kitty is an entrepreneur, engineer and innovator. She is a hackathon enthusiast and she has been with THE Port since its launch in 2014. She has 10+ years of experience in low-temperature and multi-disciplinary systems, user-centred design, vaccine cold-chain in hard-to-reach and remote areas, design for low-resource settings, prototyping and project management. She is founder and CEO of Ideabatic, an award-winning social enterprise. She is an Enterprise Fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK). Kitty enjoys travelling, designing and making her own clothes, cooking and swimming.

Mohammad Moosajee

Mohammad is an experienced fellow with a demonstrated history of working in the public policy industry. He is a strong believer in advocating for Renewable Energy as he has experienced consequences of climate change. He is initiating an experimental start-up in West Texas/Panhandle Region to help farmers switch their mills & cotton gins to renewable energy source. Mohammad is also doing research on Quantum Mechanics and Particle Entanglement, looking for ways to fabricate quantum computer cheap and less complex. He loves to travel and explore new places, hike mountains, and camping.

Samuel Orn

During the week Sam works as a Machine Learning R&D engineer at Pix4D, where he develops state of the art solutions to computer vision problems. Before that, he worked on developing a semi autonomous inspection vehicle for the CMS cavern at CERN. At university he studied Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in Mechatronics. This is Sam’s second time joining The Port’s hackathon. The last time was back in 2017 and he is hoping this year’s edition will be just as fun.

Steffen Ludwig

I’m a German Master’s student in the field of particle physics. I specialized in analysis with Deep Learning, Hadron Collider Physics, Astroparticle Physics and Particle Detectors, after I finished my degree in teaching. I’m dedicated to humanitarian projects to leave this world a little better than I found it. I’m working as an IT administrator for a German scout organization in my spare time, I’m fluent in Python and C++, have experience in DevOps as well as project leading and management.


Satellite Imaging for Health