Shelter X

Often there is a need for the rapid deployment of robust and secure housing for humanitarian relief. At the same time many natural disasters create enormous amounts of debris. It’s removal has high priority as it hinders humanitarian help. Currently tents and temporary shelters are transported as needed but could 3D printed technologies replace or supplement it? Could 3D printing be used for further use cases in refugee camps?

Project Team

Amirhossein Imani

After getting my degree in mechanical engineering, I worked in the field of Energy Efficiency and renewable. Later on, I decided to get into the field of international development with the focus of inclusionary policy making and gender issues in the University of Edinburgh, UK. Currently I work as a consultant in the Office of Policy and Strategy of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague where I do data-driven policy analysis. I am passionate about technology and advocates use of new media for sustainable social and environmental change.

Andrea Limjoco

Andrea is an art director, visual designer and illustrator currently based in Stockholm. She’s started her design career in Singapore. Her love for creating things has led her to Spotify – where she designs experiences for offline, online and everything in between.

Charikleia Makedonopoulou

Matt Thomas

Matt is an architect, artist and the founder of Studio Taos, a design and research firm based in Taos, New Mexico. Matt’s work focuses on strengthening community engagement through creative programming that is steeped in social-cultural expressions, local collaborations and open conversations. His projects include The Paseo, an outdoor art festival, the ToolBox – A Maker Space, and The Food & Shelter Lab that explores the role of food and shelter in contemporary society.

Mohammad Moosajee

Mohammad is an experienced fellow with a demonstrated history of working in the public policy industry. He is a strong believer in advocating for Renewable Energy as he has experienced consequences of climate change. He is initiating an experimental start-up in West Texas/Panhandle Region to help farmers switch their mills & cotton gins to renewable energy source. Mohammad is also doing research on Quantum Mechanics and Particle Entanglement, looking for ways to fabricate quantum computer cheap and less complex. He loves to travel and explore new places, hike mountains, and camping.

Onur Aydogan

Onur is a research fellow at the Middle East Technical University (METU) – Department of Physics, with an entrepreneurial passion. He will be involved in AMS-02 Dark Matter Project at CERN, in the last two weeks of August 2015. With a bachelor degree in Physics, he is currently studying his Masters in Atomic and Molecular Physics. He is also concurrently pursuing his second degree in Business Management. His passion led him to start up his first company, which implements activities for tourism sector, in 2008 at the age of 19. He gained managerial experience, whilst working as a logistics manager for Turkey’s High Speed Railway Project. Furthermore, he co-founded a trade company and delegated due to educational commitments. Onur is versatile, “life-time student”. He was engaged in music and modeling during his first degree. However, his heart lies with the greater good of our planet Earth. He will continue to work for and contribute towards this sacred cause, with his knowledge, skills and experiences. Finally, Onur feels inspired to create implementable, innovative and sustainable scientific inventions and complementary business solutions in harmony with Planet Earth and it’s biological assets.

Shehzad Lokhandwalla

Shehzad Lokhandwalla recently graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a degree in computer science. At UC Davis, Shehzad was elected senator for the student government, and also served as the student assistant to Chancellor Linda Katehi. Shehzad is passionate about community service, volunteering, education, technology, and humanitarian affairs. Currently interning at UN Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs in Geneva, Shehzad hopes to start his own education non-profit in India. In his free time, Shehzad indulges in photography, philately, and watching Netflix.

Vanya Jauhal

Vanya is an undergraduate student in her final year at IIIT-H, India. She haS recently interned in Google, Sydney office. her research work involves integrating AI with human-computer interfaces. In her spare time, she like to read manga, and basically any comics she can lay her hands on.


Shelter X