Food, its cultivation, preparation and consumption as well as the connected service, products and emotions are a cultural heritage. A variety of databases capture the importance and the different “flavors” of food but do not map the associated emotions. We aim at bridging this gap using augmented reality, embedded technologies and other digital means.

Project Team

Amelie Dorn

Amelie is a Senior Researcher at the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities, Austrian Academy of Sciences. She was Management Committee member of the COST action IS 1305 “eLexicography”. Currently, Amelie is working in the project “exploreAT!” developing cultural lexicography and post-dictionary navigation paths, co-designing and co-creating with a wide range of collaborators and citizen actors. She has lived in different European countries including Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Poland and has a keen interest in foreign languages and culture. Against the background of linguistics, she is currently a selected member of the second edition of the “Lab for Open Innovation in Science (LOIS)”.

Anna Matuszynska

Anna uses her mathematical knowledge to understand biological phenomena, and as a postdoctoral researcher based in Germany, she is developing models of plant photosynthesis. Through basic research she can combine her curiosity and passion about nature with addressing global societal challenges. She also tasted what it means to work in the financial sector in Poland, developing cost models in a debt collection company, before going back to education. She is a proud mother of a baby son who will soon speak better German than she does.

Carmen Marigiotta

Carmen has recently received her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and International Development from the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. Her passions range from indigenous and LGBTQ+ rights to board games and movies, but she is in the midst of a self-discovery journey in order to find her one true call to base her future on. Carmen has had the chance to study and live abroad many times and she is excited to see where life will take her and who she will become.

Duygu Saykan

Duygu is a strategic communication professional with an immense interest for food, culture and travelling. She was born and raised in Ankara and lived and worked in Turkey, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Although her initial interest was to keep working in media and communications; her intercultural experiences across various platforms made her realise she is a lot more keen on developing her career in cultural policy and project management fields. Currently pursuing her PhD in Interculture Dialogue and The Role of Food; Duygu is excited and initiative about change and life long learning.

Eveline Wandl-Vogt

Eveline is experimentalist, innovation manager and network facilitator, foundress and director at knowledge for humanity hub (k4h+) at Ars Electronica Research Institute and foundress and coordinator of exploration space @ ACDH @ Austrian Academy of Sciences. She is affiliate at metaLab (at) Harvard University (US) and studies Social Innovation at Danube University Krems (AT). Against a multidisciplinary background, she is ambassador for Crowd-Innovation, Open Science and Open Innovation in Science. She works in international, multicultural settings, challenges traditional Humanities Studies and research infrastructures, aims to boost Innovation and follows a challenge driven approach to carry out societal impact. Eveline is a global citizen with roots in the Tyrolean mountains, where she owns a small business. She is a visionary thinker with passion for visual arts and creative writing.

Giuseppe Reale

Giuseppe is a Neurology resident at University Hospital “Agostino Gemelli” in Rome. Since he was a student, he loves brain and its complex interconnection with human behavior, from movement to art. His research is focused on stroke and brain connectivity. He likes challenges requiring a “think outside the box” approach and he believes that only multi-disciplinary teams can face the nowadays multi-complex problems. He plays keyboards in a rock band and is passionate of trekking, philosophy and movies. He has a beautiful son, named Nicola.

James Jennings

James is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and former executive with experience in coffee, renewable energy, health care, and other industries. This is his third hackathon with THE Port. He enjoys travel, cooking, skiing, hiking, rowing, and making maple syrup.


Joseph Paul is a 24year old Medical Student, aspiring to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Norwin Schnyder

Norwin is studying Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). He is interested in system-level software development, algorithm design and network security. He has been doing an internship at Open Systems (Switzerland), working on data analysis in the context of a global distributed firewall and next-generation firewall services. In his free time Norwin likes to cook and to entertain people with pyrotechnics shows.

Pierre-Alexandre Fonta

Pierre-Alexandre has a background in Computer Science, Engineering, and Pure Mathematics. He is currently working at the Blue Brain Projet (EPFL) as a Research Software Engineer. However, it is not so easy to define him with a unique label. You can find him contributing to building a Knowledge Graph or working on Knowledge Extraction, but also trying to make sense of (Big) Data or designing Scalable Architectures for Decision Support Systems. He is interested in how citizens and scientists could have a better analytic view of data to take more informed decision and to support more effectively their research. Having worked in both academia (University of Geneva, University of Applied Science of Western Switzerland) and the private sector (Capgemini Paris, start-up), he can build bridges between the two mindsets. He enjoys designing global and innovative solutions to complex problems, turning them into working and pragmatic systems using cutting-edge technologies, and contributing to meaningful and pioneering projects.

Sophie Ashcroft

Sophie is a UX Researcher, artist, and creative technologist from Manchester, UK. She recently performed for the first time as a live coding artist at an Algorave show in Sheffield, outside of digital design, developing her ceramics practise is what brings her joy.


Graphic of data rising from a stack of food bowls.