ID Hunters

After natural disasters with thousands of victims, officials are often left with no other choice than burying or burning dead bodies without identifying the person. This causes additional pain to the relatives, but also creates a difficult legal and financial situation. Improving the visual identification toolset of forensic disaster teams would make their work more efficient and will leave less families in uncertainty.

Project Team

Baboucarr Foon

I have 10 Years work experience. I worked for Pristine consulting, UNICEF, BBL and WFP. My main skill is Research and development. I worked on the E-system administrator for pristine, VISION for UNICEF, Audit portal with report builder on sage line 100 for Banjul Breweries, MRF and ODK for WFP.

Bashir Khoshnevis

Bashir was born in Tehran, studied Computer Science at ShahidBeheshti University. He worked as researcher, developer and system analyst at many companies. Since mobile devices have always been one of his interests, he made a community for iPhone developers and users right after unlocking the first iPhone in Iran which is now the biggest in the country. A few years ago Bashir co-funded a company to offer advanced repair services for laptops and cell phones also training coerces in hardware repair and electronic.

Brittany Robles

Brittany currently works at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on projects related to gender and humanitarian action. She has over six years of experience working on gender, health and human rights issues within non-governmental, philanthropic and international organizations—including at the Oak Foundation, World Health Organization and OneAction. She is a proud New Yorker with a proven commitment to issues affecting women and girls, vulnerable and forced migrants, and sexual and gender minorities (LGBTIQ+). Brittany holds a M.A. in International Development from The Graduate.

Daniel Lemon

With a passion for open-source technology and web-development, Dan thoroughly enjoys the hackathon culture and you’ll be sure to see him attend or volunteer at several different hackathons throughout Switzerland. With over 4 years experience as a full-stack developer in 3 different cantons, he also speaks English, French, Bulgarian and some German.

Felix Omwansa

Omwansa is a Student Electrical Engineer at The University of Nairobi [Kenya], driven by the practicality of theoretical concepts in useful applications. He has a passion for farming, and is particularly interested in Controlled Environment Agriculture as the new exciting frontier in modern farming techniques for sustainable agriculture. He is a microcontroller enthusiast (just discovered!), and is on quite the learning curve in regards to this. He has quite a diverse music preference, and is always open to new ideas and culture as he moves around in the world.

Francesco Micheli

Francesco is a particle physicist from Italy. He is based in Geneva and he works on the CMS experiment at CERN. He is interested in new technologies and passionate about possible applications in the context of social and environmental change.

Gherardo Gorni

Gherardo is an Electronics Engineer working in Geneva for a Taiwanese microelectronics company. His main professional focus is on the design of digital hardware, with particular emphasis on verification techniques, architecture of the verification environments and design of its components. Gherardo is also interested in programming and software development, with a special love for C programming language. In his spare time, he likes reading about new technologies and he tries to keep reasonably fit practicing sports.

Pragyansmita Nayak

Dr. Pragyansmita Nayak is a Technical and Data Architect in the Momentum Product Development Group at CGI Federal Inc. She holds Ph.D. in Computational Sciences and Informatics (under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Kirk Borne at GMU, Fairfax, VA) and Bachelors in Computer Science (BITS Pilani, India). Her thesis focused on application of Machine Learning techniques — Generalized Linear Model and Bayesian Networks — on the estimation of the Photomorphic Redshift of the galaxies using Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) data. She is an avid meetup and hackathon participant.

Roberto Fraile

Roberto likes maths, computer programing and solving problems. He also likes mountains, adventures and doing improv, enjoys drawing, photography and programming music. He grew up in Spain, worked in England and a bit in Germany, and now lives in Switzerland.

Silvia Tomanin

Silvia is a web engineer with experience in web development, infrastructure and project management. Her work focuses mainly on websites (re)design, migration and continuous integration. Silvia got her MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Ferrara (Italy) in 2009. Then she moved to Geneva: she has been a fellow at CERN until the end of 2013, where she worked on the redesign on the CERN public website. She loves post–its.

ID Hunters