The Challenge

For the last decade, open-source software development has taken the world by storm, giving the software industry a huge leap over traditional close-source businesses. The sanitary crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic has proven that medical and pharmaceutical research has a lot to improve for more effective and affordable solutions for global health. Medical knowledge should be more accessible to individuals and companies which do not have the advantage of technology, or appropriate healthcare system in their geographical area.


The goal of this proposal is to lay a basis for open-source medicine by designing a middle ground, in which individuals can be linked across the world, and access tools and rights to contribute to medical knowledge and development based on their abilities and expertise.



A team speaking to the event hosts online

Project Team

Ashraful Alam Khan

Ashraful Alam Khan is a self proclaimed polymath from Bangladesh who became finalist in the Cern webfest twice in a row. He co-founded a startup named DatourX focusing on digital social innovation and launched a popular Bengali history blog from their quarantined home office. Ashraf strongly believes, his passion for CERN and science will lead him to the Nobel Prize one day.

Bashir Khoshnevis

Bashir was born in Tehran, studied Computer Science at ShahidBeheshti University. He worked as researcher, developer and system analyst at many companies. Since mobile devices have always been one of his interests, he made a community for iPhone developers and users right after unlocking the first iPhone in Iran which is now the biggest in the country. A few years ago Bashir co-funded a company to offer advanced repair services for laptops and cell phones also training coerces in hardware repair and electronic.

Dayana Benny

Dayana is a doctoral student in Modeling and Data Science at the University of Turin. She tries to identify the public health risks exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic in her research. Her passion is in leveraging data for improving the life of whole people and the planet while accomplishing sustainable outcomes. Her interest in working with data for human development made her join the research team in Human Development Report Office as an intern in the United Nations Development Programme to deal with the COVID-19 vaccination project by supporting the team in data analysis and presentation of human development statistics. She also assisted in various data outreach events for the implementation of the Secretary General’s data strategy while interning at the Information Management Unit of DPPA-DPO-SS in the United Nations Secretariat where she was also involved in the Field Support Group for COVID-19. She also voluntarily supports World Health Organisation-Ukraine in an epidemiology research project in RAUN platform. She had been working as a Senior Research Fellow in Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and a software engineer in India.

Diya Jose

Diya is an Electronics Engineer from Kerala.She is a enthusiastic techie, always finding creative ways to solve her problems.Also interested to learn and spread he knowledge to the society.

Lana Beck

Lana is a particle physicist who completed her PhD on top quark physics with the CMS experiment at CERN. She is currently working at the University of Bristol specialising in medical applications of particle physics technology. She is developing upstream beam monitoring detectors for X-ray radiotherapy using silicon pixel detectors and studying cancer therapies for solid tumours. Lana is an expert in particle physics simulations and data analysis.

Prerna Baranwal

Prerna is a mathematician and engineer from India. She completed her undergraduate from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India. She is interested in any field that involves interdisciplinary research. The main fields that she contributes towards are space technology, quantum computing and human healthcare. Making technological advancements accessible and affordable for all is one of her lifelong dreams. When not doing research, you can find her copying the sleeping habits of a koala bear.

Rita Abani

Rita is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science undergrad from India. She is passionate about using technology and literature for social good and can be often found loitering about the intersection of the two. She is deeply interested in the fields of Quantum Engineering and applied physics and wishes to pursue a career in the same. Through The Port, she wishes to understand the correlations amongst Physics, Technology and Society and endeavours to communicate the same through means such as poetry and blogging. In her free time, she is often seen exploring fractals in python, playing tennis , piano or indulging in conversations that allude to history, contemporary politics, international diplomacy and conflict studies.

Sampada Gaonkar

Hello! I have completed my BSc. degree in Physics from St. Xavier’s College ,Mumbai and I wish to pursue a research career in astrophysics, specifically exoplanetary science. I firmly believe that science and ideas around the globe can turn helpful for bringing out a positive impact on the issues faced by the world today and can help reach out to the ones in need. Hence, I am keenly interested in expanding my knowledge on various topics which will prove insightful for bringing out the change.

Sara Zahedinezhad

Sara is a Civil and Environmental engineer, who holds a master’s degree in Water, Environment and Coastal Engineering from the Leibniz University of Hannover and is currently working as a project engineer in Munich; she also has a background in music, arts, and literature. Growing up in Tehran, an overpopulated city with a soaring crisis of extreme pollution made her aware and vigilant of the impact of anthropogenic activities. So realizing her lifelong dream, she has launched a mission of finding innovative approaches to mitigate environmental problems.

Sarthak Mitter

Sarthak Mitter is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at VIT, Vellore. Having worked with mar's rovers and sounding rockets in the past, Sarthak looks forward to applying his knowledge in Mechanical Engineering to serve society. He is also a part of various international organisations like SEDS, LIONS Club and Toastmasters.

Sina Khezri

Sina is a M.D. student from Iran. He has a passion for technology and medicine. His favorite area of research is in applications of AI in medicine and has been conducting multidisciplinary research for the past year in field of neuroscience and cardiology. His goal is to push medicine towards a more productive and affordable future by using new technologies. He was fortunate to work alongside talented individuals and win CERN 2020 webfest Hackathon. He hopes to create his own company and move towards his goals. He finds Hackathons to be an exciting place to connect to others and put his ideas to test and challenge himself.

Swapnil Papinwar

Swapnil is Mechanical Engineer from India having over a 12 years of experience in Automotive Supply Chain Management & defense logistics. He has worked in several multinational organizations where he handled entire supply chain operations. He has very practical approach of looking towards problem and finding solutions.