Movement can be a key to recovery from injuries, for pathologies and disabilities as well as supporting healthy ageing. Precise execution is fundamental to the expected benefits; easy under the watchful eye of a therapist, but difficult when alone at home. Real-time audio feedback and adding computer gaming elements can provide a quantitative reference and motivation for the correct execution of physiotherapy exercises.

Project Team

Bhargav Makwana

I am Bhargav makwana currently pursuing my Bachelors of technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering at SVNIT,Surat. I am a Robotics enthusiast and have recently completed my summer internship from SVNIT. Surat where I had to integrate ROS to the APM and interface camera to Hexa-copter. Moreover i am currently working on the control and Machine learning algorithms to apply to the Quad-copter.

Biliana Vassileva

Biliana Vassileva is a coach and social entrepreneur with a passion for social justice. She aspires to create conditions for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and cross-generational teams to perform at their individual and collective “best” in order to discover and prototype new solutions to persisting social problems.

Demetri Sampas

Demetri Sampas is a data scientist, product developer, and entrepreneur. He recently co-founded Mal-ID, a Boston-based startup developing machine-learning technology to screen for cancer. Demetri enjoys implementing data analytics to solve complex problems in a range of areas including transportation, health care, and social justice. He also plays the pipe organ professionally. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Pacific Lutheran University.

Domenico Vicinanza

Domenico is a Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where he is also the director of the Sound And Game Engineering (SAGE) research group. He received his PhD in physics working at the R&D for particle physics detectors at the Large Hardon Collider (LHC) at CERN. He is a professional music composer and orchestrator and he is also a technical trainer for GÉANT, the European Network for Research and Education. He currently works with Dr Genevieve Williams on designing bespoke sensors and using spectral analysis and data sonification in biomechanics, motor control and sport science.

Genevieve Williams

Genevieve is a Human Movement Scientist based at the University of Exeter, UK. Her specialisms are the study of biomechanics and motor control. She works with Dr Domenico Viciananza on a number of sonification projects for health and art.

Lorena Lobato Pardavila

After Lorena obtained her MS in Computer Engineering at the University of Vigo, she came to work at CERN in 2011 as a Computer Scientist. In 2018 she moved to Chicago, US to work at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory where she works as a Computer Specialist while she’s pursuing an MS in Information Systems at DePaul University. She is a positive-thinking, adventurous, enthusiastic, and dynamic person. She is also passionate about music, psychology, traveling, books, and sport in general.

Marco Daldoss

Marco is an electronic engineer working in CERN. He is passioned in projects regarding Internet-of-Things, low-power electronics, solar powered devices and sensor system. He also like to help people.

Rubén GB

Collaborating with the ATLAS pixel detector upgrade as a mechanical engineer. Interested in biomedical engineering, medicine and people in general.

Stella Christodoulaki

Stella is a UX enthusiast. She studied Computer Science and holds a Master in Human Computer Interaction from University Paris-Sud. She worked in CEA, developing applications for the meeting room of the future and currently, she works at CERN, envisioning a paper-free office. She enjoys travelling a bit too much.

Teodor Ponomariov

Teodor is passionate about astronomical phenomena and sounds. He likes designing and implementing algorithms into his codes, which he is sure that will be a part of a challenging engine one day. He has attained knowledge in spheres of physics, informatics and astronomy, what triggered his passion. His main field of interest is artificial intelligence, where he tends to reflect his gained knowledge. However, he also likes to experiment with sounds on his synthesizers, giving him a break from the daily commotion. He also likes skateboarding and playing bass that make up a part of his life.



Drawing of a foot in a cast with music playing