Chain Safety Investigators

Trust in drugs and especially in vaccinations can be lost by counterfeits or by not optimally managed distribution chains. Directly and indirectly this creates health risks or can facilitate outbreaks. In combination and fully integrated with other methods, blockchain databases offer an additional tool to strengthen the trust and monitoring quality in vaccination and drug distribution chains.

Project Team

Alexandre Allouin

Alexandre has a software engineer background and he is now leading the information management team at UNAIDS. He worked on data-gathering and data visualization projects in Africa. He is passionate about innovation and data especially when applied to health and HIV/AIDS. He loves outdoor sports, so he is persuaded that his trail running experience will help him to trace the drug supply chain for this hackathon!

Grace Torrellas

A catalyst, an integrator and humanitarian with an entrepreneurial mindset, community oriented and team builder. Solutionist, Coach & Mentor for Executives and Tech StartUps (including Blockchain). Venezuelan-American, grew up in Miami, Industrial Engineer with Master studies in Information technology and executive MBA. 12 years abroad, having lived in Malta, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong and currently in Switzerland. Hiker/outdoor lover, explorer and passionate traveler. Im happy to offer my commercial experience, operation/marketing skills, idea presentation and Proj. Management exp.

Nikos Kasioumis

Nikos is a software engineer focusing on web technologies. He holds a MSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering and his studies brought him to different parts of the world where he developed a slightly nerdy interest in languages. His latest work projects aspire to bringing modern scientific archiving, publishing & authoring to the CERN community. He thoroughly enjoys photography and the aspect of how it can capture reality in a way that the naked eye cannot. He’s hooked on traveling and he gets exponentially excited when planning the next big trip. Basketball is his sport of preference.

Peter De Ford

Peter has a varied background in science, engineering and social work. But more than that, he is growing a great passion for humanitarian aid and love for the people in need. He is now doing a master in Complexity Science at The University of Warwick (UK). His final project is about humanitarian aid coordination in Afghanistan using data analysis and network theory. Peter was born in Costa Rica, and can’t wait to meet The Port participants and do an excellent project!

Roice Fulton

Roice is an infectious disease epidemiologist and analyst at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in Geneva. He brings ten years of experience in the life science, public health, and education sectors – with past endeavors ranging from HIV technology research in Zambia, to disaster relief and wildfire fighting in the US, to the leadership of a small educational foundation in North Carolina. Drawing on extensive experience in fundraising and advocacy, Roice aims to engage the broader scientific and technical community in developing sustainable innovations that improve health outcomes.

Sacha Uhlmann

A software engineer with an keen interest in cloud and distributed computing, experience in multi-platform app development, software quality assurance and a strong passion for streamlining processes. Sacha is currently finishing his Masters in Information Technology, working with, a startup combining IoT and blockchain technologies to ensure drug safety.

Viacheslav Todorovych

I am international student in Tallinn university of Technology from Ukraine! My home city is beautiful Odesa which located almost same like Tallinn but we have Black sea instead of Baltic sea. I am 22 years old getting my master’s degree and receiving experience of living abroad. I used to go to drama school in Odesa and do have complete education of actor, but afterwards I am in IT and love to do it! I used to live in US for a while, in fact that occasion had a huge impact on my life and that was one of the reasons to move abroad to live and meet different people from other cultures.

Vivian Marcelino S. Lima

Vivian Marcelino is a young professional working with strategic planning, performance and governance in the area of International Development. She is particularly passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and positive change. As a young woman, she also finds motivation in issues related to women’s empowerment and leadership.

Chain Safety Investigators