Navigation of individuals as well as optimization of transportation in the complex 3D structure of hospitals is a challenging task. Existing systems use different kind of infrastructure to allow location and tracking with the disadvantage of high setup costs and times as well as the risks of constantly changing technology. Solving the main tasks with the already existing infrastructure is therefore extremely desirable.

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Project Team

Alberto Degiovanni

Alberto is an accelerator physicist. After his experience as fellow at CERN he is working in the field of appications of particle accelerators to medicine. He obtained his PhD in Physics at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He loves science and its application for society.

Anna Fritsch

Anna is a Digital Adviser at the University Hospital in Geneva. She has experience building health-based content internet websites. She created and managed websites to promote projects, health care and products. She aims at providing the best possible information to an audience of patients as well as promoting health services or products. Anna holds Masters in International Marketing and Health Marketing. She also led international projects and coordinated the work of multicultural teams to achieve international collaborations. She loves working within a team as well as cross-team.

Cesar Aguilera Padilla

César is a Software Engineer and a free software enthusiast currently working at CERN within the TE/MPE group, he develops software for monitoring and control of the machine protection systems. Before joining CERN he worked as a Junior Research Fellow in the field of real-time systems for the University of Granada (Spain). During his master thesis, he participated in the conception and development of an innovative system which allows medical students to train and evaluate their skills in clinical diagnosis. His Twitter account is @Cs4r from where he tweets about science, software craftsmanship, humor and politics.

Christian Lovis

Gabriele Salomon

Gabriele is an Austrian nurse with over 10 years of hands on experience in various areas of nursing including long time nursing, intensive care as well as case management. Gabriele has also accomplished serval additional qualifications. Her qualifications include but are not limited to intensive care nursing from AKH Vienna, and nursing counselling from Danube University Krems. During her time of study she participated in an internship program at Inselspital Bern in Switzerland. Above all she is enthusiastic and passionate about a wide range of social and public health topics.

Gareth Beeston

Gareth grew up on the Isle of Wight, is a personal trainer and PhD researcher studying at University of Southampton as part of the Web and Internet Science Group. He researches the impact of open data and open innovation practices to tackle social challenges. He runs a local digital marketing and web development agency, and teaches digital marketing at both the University of Southampton and University of West Indies. He is a budding entrepreneur interested in social enterprise.

Jonathan Moy De Vitry

Jonathan has a management background but you might not guess it if you met him riding on the street. He works part-time as an innovation consultant and part-time as a bicycle courier delivering high-value goods throughout Geneva. Besides that he’s leading a project to use the Oculus Rift VR platform to increase public awareness about mental health issues, especially ADHD. Want to have a lively chat? Ask about his old master’s thesis topic, defensive innovation, which is the study of how firms and industries can leverage technology to prosper despite abrupt changes in their environment.

Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez

Dr. Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez is currently working as full time researcher at the University of Geneva, with a research contract funded by Citizen CyberLab EU project. In 2011, he defended his PhD Thesis titled Bio-inspired Mechanisms for Self-Organizing Systems. His expertise is mainly focused on highly distributed, self-organizing and multi-agent systems. He has a wide experience implementing large-scale simulations and engineering self-organizing systems. Additionally, his research interests are also focused on swarm intelligence, high performance computing, and pervasive computing.

Leif Terje Fonnes

Leif Terje is a project manager currently working with several startups in Bergen/Norway , focus is on Internet of Things and all the wonderful opportunities that brings to the world. Among the the thing we are working on are the software part of a solar powered air sensory system.

Mirana Michelle Randriambelonoro

Mirana is from Madagascar. She graduated with a Master degree in Communication Systems at EPFL. She is currently doing a PhD in Information Systems at the University of Geneva, and is working on different development projects in eHealth and Telemedecine lab at Campus Biotech. She is passionate about behaviour change technology that aims to help people adopt healthier habits in the long term. Her research interests include neuroscience, behaviour psychology, Human Computer Interaction. She loves team work and believes sharing ideas is the best source of creativity.

Nefeli Kousi

Nefeli studied Informatics and telecommunications at NKUA, and is currently working for CERN as a web developer. As a professional she is interested in human-centric design and passionate about UX. Inspired by positive social impact she frequently volunteers for technical and humanitarian projects. After a term as communication manager for AIESEC NKUA she got heavily involved in the organization of the WBM v5 annual community conference and in the redesign of the Hackademic open source project.