Needles Needs

It’s not only supplying hospitals that becomes challenging in crisis situations, but also the disposal of the resulting medical waste. A lack of proper implementation often becomes an additional health risk. Organisations operating hospitals are looking for safe, low energy, logistically simple and efficient ways to manage and dispose of waste in this difficult environment.

Project Team

Bhatupe Mhango

Bhatupe is a diligent and engaged professional with a career background in governance, human rights and health advocacy. A keen humanitarian she is interested in development work, especially the kind to uplift the status of women, girls and minority groups. She brings insight into public-private partnerships, has an MBA from Hult, San Francisco and is a writer and creative entrepreneur.

Cassandra Dummett

Cassie has worked in emergencies in Europe, Africa and Asia, and lived in Congo, Bangladesh and India. She is British and now living in London, working freelance, with her main role as Coordinator of the Global Humanitarian Standards Partnership which brings together Sphere and other humanitarian standards initiatives to jointly promote standards in humanitarian response. Through fifteen years of work in conflict and natural disasters, she have a strong understanding of what it takes to implement a rapid, appropriate and effective humanitarian programme.

David Furlong

David is a recent graduate of computer science and philosophy from the university of Oxford. He has been developing web applications for 7 years and started two tech companies whilst at university. He is currently trying to improve the volunteering sector through better technology and tools, and is enthusiastic about open source and tech for good.

Janna Vischer

Janna Vischer is an undergraduate student of physics at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany. She is especially interested in astronomy, astrophysics and particle physics. In her spare time she often takes part at science camps or scientific group projects with some friends such as “win a beamline for school” or “Jugend forscht”. She hasn’t decided yet what she wants to do in her future but is really excited to find it out.

Kebba Foon

Kebba is a young entrepreneur from Gambia with over 10 years working experience in the technical field. He is a holder of a Diploma in Computing Science and Business Studies. Kebba builds VAS application software for a telecom company. He recently embark on establishing a start-up focusing on software development. He believes that young people should be given every opportunity to excel, empowering the youths bring growth. No idea is too big or too small for a chance to be tested.

Kitty Liao

Kitty is an entrepreneur, engineer and innovator. She is a hackathon enthusiast and she has been with THE Port since its launch in 2014. She has 10+ years of experience in low-temperature and multi-disciplinary systems, user-centred design, vaccine cold-chain in hard-to-reach and remote areas, design for low-resource settings, prototyping and project management. She is founder and CEO of Ideabatic, an award-winning social enterprise. She is an Enterprise Fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK). Kitty enjoys travelling, designing and making her own clothes, cooking and swimming.

Lamia Benaouali

Lamia is an Information Systems and Technology Engineer and currently studying Artificial Intelligence and Web, Ensimag – Grenoble INP. Her dream is to revolutionize education systems through technology. She likes astronomy, mangas and Ford Mustang.

Merel Claes

Merel is an adviser, designer, change agent, activist and artist of life. He is working with shiftN, bringing clarity in complexity and with the C2C Platform bringing the circular economy to SME’s.

Sina Rüeger

Sina is a PhD student working on methods for statistical genetics at the Lausanne University Hospital. She has a background in engineering, with focus on data analysis, and likes to work on biology related data. Working in the field of applied statistics, it is important for her to emphasize translational research, as well as teaching basic statistics in a simplified form.

Sonya Schoenberger

Sonya works as part of the Innovation Initiative at the International Committee of the Red Cross. She previously worked in strategy consulting in Washington, DC and has worked with think tanks, the U.S. State Department, and USAID in various capacities. She is passionate about exploring new approaches to humanitarian challenges and is eager to work with others who bring different experiences to the table. This will be her first hackathon.

Vincent Gessler

Vincent Gessler is a swiss author and a scenarist living in Geneva. His books question identity, through the prism of technology, science fiction and memory. He loves building and flying drones in immersion, spending time in hackerspace, reading about philosphy, history and science.

Needles Needs

Drawing of a medical worker disposing a syringe.