Cargo Cult

Many regions around the world are currently supplied by food by means of air drops from many different humanitarian organizations. The current technique is to pack the bags up to 8 times to avoid bursting. This results in high work and material costs exceeding often the value of the food.

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Project Team

Alejandro Duque

Since the late 90’ies, with the advent of the Internet, ALejandro has been confronted with the notion of On/Off-line collaborations. He has worked within the realm of Net.Art, Wireless Community networks and most importantly participated of a wide range of (AFK) meetings at so called labs, hacker-spaces, conferences. Always searching for socially implicated initiatives from across the planet that reflect in Latin America. His dissertation at The EGS orbited on notions of broken technologies and appropriation.

Boris Polania

A native of Caracas, Venezuela Boris has lived in Hollywood, Florida in the United States since 2010, As a free-lancer software engineer and entrepreneur he has worked in several startups in Silicon Valley and South Florida, mostly in the Fintech and Healthcare industries. Currently he works with Radiolobe, a young and promising startup aiming to disrupt key areas in the entertainment industry; there he is the CTO in charge of the design and development of the product.

Francesco Guescini

Francesco is a particle physics enthusiast and a keen programmer. He is currently at the fourth year of his PhD in particle physics at the University of Geneva, working on data analysis and hardware. Before joining the ATLAS experiment at CERN as a young master student, he was involved in the CDF and PAMELA experiments. In his spare time, when he is not mountain biking or drumming, he likes to find creative new ways of applying his physics and programming skills to other fields.

Mark Melnykowycz

Mark is an artist-engineer working at the intersection of humanity and technology. He is currently helping to build the Internet of Humans at IDUN Technologies AG, where he develops neurotechnology products to enable empathy between humans and the connected world. Mark has enjoyed many hackathon adventures over the years, joining as a participant, coach, and technical advisor to previous Port hackathons. Mark also enjoys exploration of the Swiss mountains with a 360 camera and also delves into immersive worlds and storytelling.

Petter Saeterskog

Petter is a theoretical physics PhD student at Leiden University in the Netherlands. He has obtained both a M.Sc and a M.Eng at Chalmers University, Sweden. He studied the first year of his M.Sc as exchange student at Hong Kong UST. Petter has a broad interest in both Science and Technology. He participated in the International Biology Olympiad before taking up physics studies. Outside of his studies, he developed the game “Cell Lab” for Android. Petter is passionate about coming up with novel solutions to technical challenges and is looking forward to do this for humanitarian causes.

Stefan Schulze

Stefan works as a Product Manager Packaging and a Industrial Consultant at vph in Hemmingen, Germany (Member of the IGEPAgroup), a leading group within the paper and packaging industry. He has a general interest in production technologies and he loves finding solutions for complex and unusual challenges in a simple but effective way. Furthermore, he implements staff trainings for Packaging at the company’s academy and imparts his knowledge to new team members. In his leisure time he has a passion for running and studying Mandarin language since a visit to China.

Tatiana Irene Slodkowski

Tatiana Slodkowski is a Software Engineer from Argentina. She studied in Buenos Aires, and completed a Master in Computer Science at Politecnico Di Milano. She is currently working as an Integrations Software Developer at Avature. She speaks fluently Spanish, English, French and Italian, and likes learning new languages.

Thomas Deillon

Thomas, Swiss, married, one child, is an Innovation Manager at SITA where he works at the product portfolio level to create and incubate multi-division hairy solutions. He has more than 10 years of experience in the innovation field both professionally and personally where he spends time learning complementary innovation skills (e.g. Psychology courses, PNL, University teaching, MBA studies) and tests ideas (e.g. Humanitarian open-ideation mobile platform named Perhaps). Thomas is eager to learn from and share with every encounter and opportunity and apply this practically in product creation.


Cargo Cult

Drawing of an flying airplane dropping a bag down to the surface.
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