Recycling Demilitarized Explosives

Explosives are a risk to public health, not only due to their explosive nature, but also due to long term toxic environmental contamination. Open burning & detonation of explosives doesn’t eliminate all toxic remnants. New technological developments and optimized disposal procedures bring affordable, mobile and ecological elimination methods into reach.

Project Team

Daniel Moreno Garcia

Daniel is studying engineering physics at UPC in Barcelona. He is interested in neutron spectroscopy and astrophysics. He has been doing a long-term training at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, working on modern codes to perform electronic structure and phonon calculations. He is doing his degree’s final project at Max Planck for Extraterrestrial Physics, working on the modelling of light-curves of binary stars. In his free time Dani likes to swim and dance Lindy Hop. He thinks that life is better when you are laughing.

Fathima Nuzla Ismail

Nuzla is a female technologist working for the largest telecommunication company in Sri Lanka. She is a specialist in Business Intelligence and Data Mining Tools.

Jean-Baptiste Bonnamy

Jean-Baptiste is a mechanical engineer always eager to learn and he is currently working at CERN where he designs special handling equipments. Previously he has been involved in improving products and processes for Alstom Transport, as well as other projects related to transportation and open source technologies. He looks forward to be a part of this health related hackathon.

Matthijs van Veen

As both a teacher and student Matthijs van Veen has a wide interest in all kind of topics. As a teacher at a Dutch university of applied sciences he teaches a variety of technical related subjects from programming to artificial intelligence and virtual reality. In his role as a student he is currently finishing his master Human Media Interaction with a specialization in light field technology. When not working or studying he has a keen interest in mathematics, history and the current state of world affairs.

Nicola Zagari

Nicola is at the last year of his PhD currently based in Munich, Germany. He works with plants and their DNA to understand the function of some unknown genes. For his masters and PhD he also lived in the Netherlands and in Denmark. Totally passionated for science divulgation, worked for several science festivals and co founded one in his home town. He believes profoundly into the need of public research but struggles a lot when facing academics competion between groups. He will join this hackathon to learn how to transfer rapidly and efficiently science from the labs to the people.

Roger Hess

Co-Founder and Director of Field/Technical Operations with 38 years’ experience in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Landmine Clearance profession. Extensive Military, Commercial and INGO Landmine/UXO clearance tasks across Africa, Central America, South-Eastern Europe, West/SE Asia and the South Pacific. Designed/co-developed the Explosive Harvesting System to recycle NATO-WARSAW Pact munitions into disposal charges for the HMA clearance efforts. Recovered over 50 mT of explosives generating over 400,000 charges to help clear Landmines/UXOs.

Romain Bazile

Building engineer by training, but passionate about subjects such as electronics, design, astronomy, science and many more, Romain Bazile has multiple hats to play with. Since his involvement in the Team Rhone Alpes with their house Canopea during the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 (which the team won), he believes in learning by doing and try to tackle every challenge he finds on his path. In his eyes, only multidisciplinary teams can nowadays solve the biggest problems we face on our planet.

Vladimir Ilievski

Vladimir Ilievski was born in Veles, Macedonia in 1992. While his secondary education he attended mathematical competitions, in which he was awarded with bronze medals on Macedonian Mathematical Olympiad. He obtained a Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences in 2015 at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia. During his undergraduate studies, he did an internship at CERN. Now, he is pursuing his Master degree at EPFL in the field of Machine Learning. In parallel he is working as a Research Scholar in one of the EPFL’s labs.

Recycling Demilitarized Explosives

Drawing of a trash can with wheels with fire coming out the top.