This project will tackle global problems of field data handling, from collection to visualisation. Augmenting the human eye by making available tools such as Virtual Reality (VR) to visualize living data.

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Project Team

Andressa Sivolella

Andressa is a 25 years old Electric Engineer masters student from Rio de Janeiro. She owns a startup company back in Rio (TWIST Systems), which integrates data from heterogeneous sources. Andressa is currently working on a ATLAS/TileCal project at CERN as a Software Engineer. The platform integrates the collaborators analysis using web technologies.

Chen Ye

Chen is a second-year Biology/Computer Science dual concentrator at Brown University with a passion for communication. While not in classes, he automates aging research using computer vision, directs design + branding at Hack@Brown, goes hacking around the United States, and builds universes in Virtual Reality.

Daniel Foguelman

Daniel Foguelman is a computer scientist working as a data scientist using simulation and modeling techniques for the ATLAS TDAQ project. With years of software engineering experience in different fields like automation, software development and platform architect he can attack problems with different technologies and approaches. His master thesis was related to data science in public health organizations.

Emlyn Corrin

Emlyn works at SwiftKey where he uses big data techniques to analyse data from the company’s apps. Since obtaining his PhD in High Energy Physics he has worked at CERN & the University of Geneva on control and data acquisition systems for CMS and research systems for future linear colliders. After staying in Geneva for 8 years he moved back to London to work at Google before changing to his current post at SwiftKey. Outside of work he enjoys music, photography and playing with his 2 children.

Joao Pequenao

Chief Troublemaker at CERN Media Lab.

Lautaro Dolberg

Lautaro was born in Argentina, were he did his master in Computer Science and worked as a software engineer for a few years. After doing an internship at INRIA, France he moved to Luxembourg to pursue a PhD in in Informatics at the University of Luxembourg, his thesis was entitled Network Management with Data Analytics. Currently, he works as Data Scientist consultant while doing a Postdoc at the University of Luxembourg and Choice Holdings. When he is not working you might find Lautaro fixing bicycles as a volunteer at the communitarian bike shop. He is also a languages enthusiast trying to speak as many foreign languages as possible.

Michela Paganini

Michela is a Physics PhD student at Yale. Originally from Busto Arsizio (IT), she is a habitual traveler and has made a point of living in as many countries as she can. Things she adores include fine dining, design, sports and her Alma Mater (Go Bears!). When not living life to the fullest, she works for ATLAS at CERN on the di-Higgs hunt & software development for particle id. Astrophysicist by training but data scientist by passion, she supports the adoption of modern machine learning in HEP.

Nawar Halabi

Nawar was born and grew up in Aleppo, Syria. A Computer Science graduate and also received an MSc in Web Technology from the University of Southampton. Currently enrolled in a PhD research program in the University of Southampton funded by Micorlink UK. Nawar’s PhD is about Arabic phonetics and phonology for Speech Synthesis. He is also a co-founder of a web development and a digital marketing agency.

Negar Fazeli

Negar is a software engineer and has been working at Ericsson in Sweden since 2010. She is currently also working on her Master’s thesis at Chalmers University of Technology, on the topic of applying machine learning techniques to enhance the quality of the test framework at her workplace. She is a technology enthusiast and enjoys attending hackathons and tech meet-ups. She is very interested in traveling and learning about different cultures and is very open to trying new foods (yummy)!

Sina Khoshfetrat Pakazad

Sina is originally from Tehran, Iran and has been living in Sweden since 2007. He got a MSc from Chalmers University of Technology in Mechatronics in 2009, and just finished his PhD in Automatic control from Linköping University. His research concerns scalable and distributed optimization techniques in estimation, control and machine learning. He is currently a research fellow where he is also involved in a project with OHB systems regarding agile control of spacecrafts. Sina enjoys good food and drinks, hanging out, watching movies, climbing and hiking.

Tim Head

Tim works at CERN, doing science with data. Also: python, statistics and triathlons. Tim works on the LHCb experiment. Here he works on the design of the future detector, pattern recognition software as well as the software trigger (deciding in real time what data gets recorded). He has experience as a software engineer, leading teams of experts in different fields, statistics and all the things you associate with a “scientific approach” to solving complex problems. He is a big fan of building a minimally viable solution to problem and then iterating on it.

Xavier Vollenweider

Xavier is in the final stage of completing his PhD in Geography and Environment at the London School of Economics. Based in Geneva, he also works as consultant for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), where he is developing a new data driven model for estimating vulnerability and resilience to weather shocks in Ethiopia. He looks forward to collaborating with others to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by development and humanitarian organizations.