Motivational Health

Tricking the brain to do things to that improves the quality of life and health.

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Project Team

Boris Gojanovic

Boris is specialized in Internal Medicine (FMH), Sports Medicine (SSMS) and Manual Medicine (SAMM). He currently works at the Hôpital de La Tour as Health and Performance Medical Director. He develops physical activity for health, and medical support and counsel for performance improvement at all athletic competition levels as well as performs research in the field of sports medicine and physical activity for health.

Dejan Munjin

Dejan is specialised in Service Science and holds a Phd in Social and Economical Sciences of Information Systems. He is active in R&D of innovations supported by information technologies in services industry and passionate about the Internet of Things with 13 years of experience in Software Development.

Jean-Henry Morin

As a concerned citizen, Educator/Teacher, Entrepreneur, Idea generator, Scientist, Jean-Henry is passionate about exploring new ideas to co-creatively rethink our digital society. He is an associate professor of Information Systems at the University of Geneva ISS-CUI and his research interests include Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Digital Policy Management (DPM) in the corporate sector (Corporate Governance and Compliance). He is curious about Media DRM, copyright and IP, Technology & Society, Design Thinking, Digital Responsibility and many other topics.

Jody Hausmann

Jody has a MSc in Services Science & Information System (specialized in eHealth solutions). He is currently main manager of MobileThinking and customer product developer. He is an expert on developing solutions using sensors embedded into smartphone and designing new mobile products. He is a senior Android developer and he is specialist in several Web programming languages. He is also experienced in project management and public relations. From 2008 to 2014 he has been working as researcher at the University of Geneva. He was involved in several projects using smartphones’ sensors, mostly in the E-health domain. From 2001 to 2005 he was working as mechanical designer and team leader in the R&D departement of a micro-mechanical company.

Katarzyna Wac

Katarzyna is an Associate Professor of Computer Science (Human Centered-Computing), at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She is affiliated with the University of Geneva, where she leads the Quality of Life technologies lab.

Mattia Gustarini

Mattia has a MSc in Computer Science (specialized in distributed dependable systems) and he is currently completing a PhD in mobile context awareness. He is an expert in user’s data collection techniques, data analysis, data visualization, and patterns discovery. He is able to apply living lab study methods and manage and conduct users experiments. He is an extreme Android developer and programmer with more than 5 years of experience. Since March 2011 he is working at University of Geneva as a research assistant of the Quality of Life group. On October 2014 he co-founded the company MobileThinking active on mobile applications and services design, research, and development.

Michael Mesfin

Michael is Co-founder and CEO of the Siltan Group. He is a Service designer and he Provides, through proficient service related research expertise, innovative empowerment frameworks, applications and methods to European organizations. He currently works on the business development of a Service Science related research project “STICS” (Services Tangibilisation Interactive Compliance System).

Nicolas Ducret

As a Designer, Entrepreneur, specialised in Experience Design, graduated from the Geneva University of Art and Design, over 13 years of experience in creative and art direction, Nicholas believes in the power of mutual knowledge sharing to tackle any wicked-problem situation.

Philippe Marchand

Philippe is a Sport Physiotherapist at Hopital de la Tour, specialized in physical preparation engineering, sports coaching, sports medecine and exercise physiology.


Motivational Health

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