For many non-profit government organizations the task of good communication is key. The goal is to use Matrix to create an app or service which can be useful to NGOs on the field. We aim to help adoption of open networks for secure, decentralized communication.

Project Team

Alejandro Avilés

Alejandro Avilés, aka Ome, software engineer by day, a bunch of other things by night. After a stint as an open-source web developer at CERN, he started working on cryptocurrencies and blockchain early in 2017 at Bity, a Swiss startup. Now, moved by a burning curiosity in cryptoeconomics, decentralization and governance, he co-organizes community exercises to explore these topics with

David Baker

Florian Vessaz

Laurent Rohrbasser

Luke Bernard

Matt Alamy

Pedro Ferreira

Roosembert Palacios

Roosembert is CS student at EPFL. During his childhood he was a member of the Mathematics Olympiad selection team of El Salvador which lead him to grow a great curiosity in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision along with a deep love for Mathematics. He took online courses in both technical and theorical branched until he started at EPFL, three years ago; At that time he started to actively pursue the FOSS concept thanks to GNU Generation. Later, he had the opportunity to do an internship which became a part-time job as a Junior developer for one start-up at EPFL Innovation park which he continued along with his studies for two years. Now he actively supports Matrix and sees it becoming one of the main columns of freedom for both social communications and OSS as well.