Bonfire is an experimental community of engineers, researchers, and designers. They want to stimulate open source projects, crypto-economics studies and cooperative model experiments. A network of physical spaces, allegorically referred to as bonfires, is meant to facilitate this goal.

At THE Port, the X-pier will do a sprint to solve the most direct challenges to create these bonfires. Firstly, upgrading the fund governance model and secondly writing the statutes of a Swiss association that would be linked to this model. Finally they want to reach out to other non-profit organizations and potential collaborators in the Geneva area.


Project Team

Alejandro Avilés

Alejandro Avilés, aka Ome, software engineer by day, a bunch of other things by night. After a stint as an open-source web developer at CERN, he started working on cryptocurrencies and blockchain early in 2017 at Bity, a Swiss startup. Now, moved by a burning curiosity in cryptoeconomics, decentralization and governance, he co-organizes community exercises to explore these topics with

Andrzej Nowak

In the last 15 years, Andrzej worked as a management consultant in finance, managed an innovation lab at CERN, founded a fintech and a separate consultancy. Currently, Andrzej manages partnerships and supports innovation at a multi-billion company.

Nicolas Zanotti

Nicolas is a Software Engineer with a Master of Arts degree from the University of Middlesex, London. Since 2013, he has been contributing to the highly successful travel start-up GetYourGuide in Berlin and Zurich, where he held the position of Staff Front-End Engineer in the company’s Marketplace, Partnerships, and Responsible Tourism teams. Alongside his work, Nicolas teaches project management and web application development in the bachelor’s program of SAE Institute, Zurich. Nicolas appreciates beautiful design and code, and enjoys gardening, dogs, space opera, and travel.

Pierre Cartier

Severin Deutschmann

Founder of the Opentelos GmbH and professional with working experience in software-engineering and product development loves to see the big picture. He started his career studying business administration in Duisburg but decided to change his path into software engineering, motivated by exploring the edge of technology. While looking into IoT, microcontroller, and working as a back-and front end developer, he became Blockhain Ambassador (and IT-consultant) sharing his knowledge and expertise by giving workshops in academic institutions or international corporations. His future projects are on the potential and limits of cybernetics in organizations.

Sixto Alcoba Banqueri